I was born on the 25 of December 1988, and I am an avid history buff and a born again Christian who was raised his entire life in a Lutheran Missouri Synod church going family that lived in the deep south of the Untied States. I have been born again since I was 13.

Me and my childhood denomination are on speaking terms but do disagree on a few key points of bible understanding which I pray one day will change. Why I am talking about it well if you read through my posts you might notice some Lutheran influences poking out and I might as well set the record straight now on my stances.

I am premillinal and absolutely against replacement theology. (If you don’t know what that is I encourage you to look them up and learn something new.)

I founded a video game company with a friend and trying to make it some how be successful as I am the Chief Operating Officer and Head Project Manger.

My interests for being here is to talk about the Bible, share knowledge and scripture and create a minor sense of fellowship.